One-Day / Weekend Workshops

Northwest Film Forum classes and workshops are designed to instruct filmmakers on both the mechanical skills required in current filmmaking technology and the artistic application of tools to explore the critical and emotional range of the cinematic experience. Classes and workshops are taught by working artists: filmmakers, writers, producers and editors.

Explore filmmaking by doing it. We do not want you to make a commitment you are uncomfortable with; we offer a wide range of classes and workshops that can be taken at whatever pace you prefer. Whether you are new to the art and plan to plunge into filmmaking as a career or you have purchased your own equipment and wish to drop in on a few certifications to learn more, our classes are for you. The Film Forum's curriculum offers a complete education in nearly all aspects of filmmaking. Multi-session classes meet weekly and offer in-depth, hands-on experience with filmmaking tools, while one-day workshops offer both insightful lectures and practical techniques on current filmmaking topics. Email [email protected] for any questions.


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Observational Filmmaking

July 18th & 19th (Saturday and Sunday) 12pm - 3pm
Instructor: Adam Sekuler
Tuition: $270 ($250 for Film Forum members)

Fans of Fredrick Wiseman, Albert Maysles and D.A. Pennebaker rejoice! This workshop explores methods for making documentary films in the observational mode. Learn how to capture the immediacy, intimacy and revelation of individual human character in ordinary life situations. We'll watch clips from the pros then head to the streets to capture real life situations finishing off the workshop with our own short films. 

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Open Script Read

Free event!

Happy Hour: 6:30pm
Readings: 7pm

Last Monday of the month

Monday, Apr 27 at 06:30PM
Tuesday, May 26 at 06:30PM
Monday, Jun 29 at 06:30PM

Join Northwest Film Forum for a monthly Open Script Read! Local screenwriters and filmmakers may submit 10 pages of their original work in order to hear a live table read, with an ensemble of professional actors, and get feedback from both actors and other participants.

Northwest Film Forum's Open Script Read will accept submissions up to 5 days before each reading.  

Each submission should be no more than 10 pages of a screenplay or teleplay. Please write a couple of lines about the project—is it a feature film, short film, TV or web series? What it the total length of the script?

We suggest submitting the first 10 pages of your script, but if you very specifically want the actors to read a different scene from your script, just make sure that you do not exceed 10 pages and that you write a few introductory lines that will provide context for the actors.

Open Script Read is. . .open. Each month, we'll begin with a happy hour from 6:30-7pm, giving actors and filmmakers a chance to meet in an informal setting. At 7pm, we'll gather around a table and do 4 script reading and feedback sessions - approximately 30 minutes each. Screenwriter and filmmaker Daryle Conners will moderate the session and provide structure for the feedback.

If you would like to submit a script, please send a Word or Final Draft document to [email protected]

We will schedule the reading sessions based on a first-come, first-served basis and will publish a list of the featured writers/scripts at least 48 hours before the event. Four scripts will be featured at each Open Script Read.  


DSLR Videography

June 3rd (Wednesday) 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Instructor: Craig Downing
Tuition: $40 ($30 NW Film Forum Members)

Come explore and learn the basic skills of DSLR video filmmaking. Using our Canon 60D, this class covers standard camera functions and the artistic possibilities of DSLR cameras. Students will learn how to manually control the necessary exposure functions to create professional video content. We will also review useful accessories for this camera such as our 24-105mm lens, 16GB SDHC cards, tripod, Beachtek DXA-SLR audio mixer, and our Marshall V-LCD50 5" HDMI monitor. Students completing the class with be certified to rent the Film Forum's Canon's 60D camera package.

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Intro to the Blackmagic Pocket Camera

June 16th (Tuesday) 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Instructor: Timothy Vernor
Tuition: $80 ($60 for Film Forum members)

This course is designed to give participants an overview of the functions of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. We will begin by talking about the camera's specs, its strengths and weaknesses. We will cover camera functions and controls, lenses and adapters, choosing SD cards, DIT & cover the accessories available to put a sold package together.

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Intro to Time Lapse Video Production

May 31st (Sunday), 11am - 3pm 
Instructor: Michael Poggenburg
Tuition: $110 ($95 for Film Forum members)
Limited to 6 students

This class will cover beginning to intermediate level time lapse techniques, from camera settings to post-production. You'll learn what to look for in a scene, how to set up your camera, what additional equipment to use, software you can use to improve the look of your finished product, as well as some of the most common problems you'll encounter and how to fix them. After taking this class you'll have a firm understanding of how to take excellent time lapse video to incorporate into your next project. This class will focus primarily on DSLR cameras and Adobe After Effects, but the principles will apply across all camera types and editing setups.

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