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The Unity of All Things 物之合

Shot in three languages, two types of film (16mm and 8mm) and in locations ranging from China to Chicago to CERN in Switzerland, The Unity of All Things is a work of experimental science fiction about the construction of a particle accelerator on the U.S./Mexico border.

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Sound It Out

We're offering sound production and design classes this spring, to get your ears trained and production skills enhanced. Learn the fundamentals of audio capture, editing and mixing, while using professional-level gear and software.

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Red Renewal

It's a season of change in Seattle: join us for Red Renewal this spring, as we explore cinema’s historical encounters with socialist themes, in parallel to conversations about Seattle contemporary economy and politics. 

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We support film artists

An important part of Northwest Film Forum's mission is providing access to top-of-the-line film gear and equipment at reasonable rates for local filmmakers. Have you checked out our suite of rental options? If you're still learning a new camera or editing system, not to worry - we offer cheap certification classes too.

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