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LIGHTHOUSE: An Evening With Paul Clipson

Paul Clipson is a San Francisco-based filmmaker who often collaborates with sound artists and musicians on films, live performances, and installations. His Super-8 and 16mm films utilize chance-based processes to encourage unplanned results while aiming to bring to light visual preoccupations that reveal themselves through a stream of consciousness workflow. Each combines densely layered, in-camera edited studies of figurative and abstract environments.

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Seattle Cinematographer Series

July 18th-October 17th, (Every 3rd Monday) 6:30pm - 8:30pm 

Instructors: Professional Seattle Cinematographers (See Below)
Tuition: **Members Only** Free

In this 6-month series, spend an evening each month with a working Seattle cinematographer as they share their craft.

Lectures will include cinematographers breaking down their favorite scenes, reverse-engineering the aesthetics for a scene of their own, discussing the the tools they use to achieve their film looks, exploring their process and work flow, reviewing their own history from an emerging filmmaker to a professional and spending time answering your questions about cinematography.





July 23 at 8pm

Lazer Kitty performs a live score to Ridley Scott's classic fantasy film

You've never seen the Tom Cruise fantasy adventure like this! Lazer Kitty makes Legend their own with a thrilling new score; the Lord of Darkness has never seemed so sinister. Co-presented by Capitol Hill Block Party.




Cue Northwest Film Residency 

We’ve selected a filmmaker: Congratulations Neely Goniodsky! Learn more about Neely at

Cue Northwest is a partnership between Brick Lane Records and Northwest Film Forum. We believe connecting artists across disciplines creates a fertile environment for building community through art. Through a series of collaborative projects including production residencies and networking events, Cue Northwest will galvanize the film and music communities

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