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Meet Up for a Cause: Filmmakers and Grassroots Groups

As visual storytellers, filmmakers have invaluable skills to offer to the community. Grassroots groups that champion progressive causes lead the way in creating and inspiring positive change. At this meet up, filmmakers and community groups can link up for video projects that highlight important social change work.

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Intro to Final Cut Pro X

January 19th-February 9th (Thursdays) 6:30-9:30pm
Instructor: Bernard Mann 

Tuition: $275 ($250 for Film Forum members)
Limited to 6 students

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“I’ve cut on all the other systems, and I can easily say I’m three times faster on Final Cut Pro X.” 

~ Glenn Ficarra, Director of Focus, a feature film cut on Final Cut Pro X.  

Final Cut Pro X has become popular among editors for its speed and intuitive interface. Learn how to use this affordable and powerful software over this four-week class with our certified instructor.

This class will update students on the latest version (10.3, released November 2016), which provides an array of new tools, faster handling of 4K footage, and time-saving file management. Check out all the new features here! This is an introductory class to the software, non-linear editing and editing technique. It is great for those new to editing, and for anyone looking to pick up this high-speed software quickly and thoroughly. 

Beginning Adobe Premiere Pro CC

January 25th-Feb 15th (Wednesdays) 6:30-9:30pm

Instructor: Daniel Truog
Tuition: $275 ($250 for Film Forum members)
Limited to 6 students

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This workshop will cover the essentials for learning to edit with Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud, a leading platform used by many professional filmmakers for editing digital media. The class will provide the training so students will have the skills to confidently, efficiently and effectively edit films with the most up to date version of this software. We will focus on the basics about the interface, the timeline, and the workflow. 

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November ushers in not two, not three, but four new screening series at the Forum! Documentary fans, take note! The Gianfranco Rosi Retrospective will include four beautiful docs from Italy, Veracity: New Documentary Cinema introduces notable new approaches to documentary filmmaking and will be an ongoing series, and we'll be partnering with Grand Illusion for Three Wisemen; three early Frederick Wiseman docs on 35mm.




Cue Northwest Film Residency 

We’ve selected a filmmaker: Congratulations Neely Goniodsky! Learn more about Neely at

Cue Northwest is a partnership between Brick Lane Records and Northwest Film Forum. We believe connecting artists across disciplines creates a fertile environment for building community through art. Through a series of collaborative projects including production residencies and networking events, Cue Northwest will galvanize the film and music communities

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