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Stations of the Elevated

Among the first-ever documentations of graffiti on film, Stations of the Elevated weaves together vivid images of elevated subway trains crisscrossing New York City's gritty urban landscape. With a complex soundtrack that combines the ambient sounds of the city with the music of Charles Mingus and Aretha Franklin, Stations of the Elevated captures the height of the 1970s graffiti movement in New York, featuring the work of early legends including Lee, Fab 5 Freddy, Shadow, Daze, Kase, Butch, Blade, Slave, 12 T2B, Ree, and Pusher. 

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Horror Film Makeup

Just in time for Halloween: learn to make professional quality zombie bites, knife wounds, zombie makeup, prosthetic molding and application, as well as inexpensive short cuts.

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New Documentary Spotlight

Our annual N-E-X D-O-C-S series will wow you with a showcase of innovative non-fiction films that play with form, push aesthetic boundaries, and explore subjects and ideas by stretching conventions of style.

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We Support Filmmakers

An important part of Northwest Film Forum's mission is providing access to top-of-the-line film gear and equipment at reasonable rates for local filmmakers. Have you checked out our suite of rental options? If you're still learning a new camera or editing system, not to worry - we offer affordable certification classes too.

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