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Idaho Transfer

At a research facility in Idaho, a group of students are engaged with a government-funded project exploring the possibilities of time travel. Miraculously, the experiment is a success, and the researchers discover - and become prisoners of - a future Earth emptied of humanity.

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Recording Audio for Film

May 23rd-25th (Tuesday & Thursday) 6:30-9:30pm

Instructor: Craig Downing
Tuition: $90 ($75 for Film Forum members)
This two-day workshop will cover the essentials of audio, microphones, recorder technology and recording techniques to enable your production, no matter the budget, to sound professional. The first evening will be an in-depth presentation of the concepts. The second class will include three hours of hands-on learning with a field test and an evaluation. Students will leave knowing how to listen to, evaluate and capture better audio for film production.

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The Future is 0

The Future is 0 is a satirical, live game show, filmed in front of YOU, our live studio audience! During the show, three Seattle-area artists compete in bizarre games like “Get the TV to Work” and “High-Rise Condo or New Age Band?”. It's going to be very, very good, and that's the Clay Buff guarantee!

Doors are at 7pm. May 20, join KEXP's DJ Chilly in our lobby after the show for the TFIZ after-party! This edition of The Future is 0 is sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon

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Cue Northwest Film Residency 

We’ve selected a filmmaker: Congratulations Neely Goniodsky! Learn more about Neely at

Cue Northwest is a partnership between Brick Lane Records and Northwest Film Forum. We believe connecting artists across disciplines creates a fertile environment for building community through art. Through a series of collaborative projects including production residencies and networking events, Cue Northwest will galvanize the film and music communities

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