Multi-Session Workshops

Northwest Film Forum classes and workshops are designed to instruct filmmakers on both the mechanical skills required in current filmmaking technology and the artistic application of tools to explore the critical and emotional range of the cinematic experience. Classes and workshops are taught by working artists: filmmakers, writers, producers and editors.

Explore filmmaking by doing it. We do not want you to make a commitment you are uncomfortable with; we offer a wide range of classes and workshops that can be taken at whatever pace you prefer. Whether you are new to the art and plan to plunge into filmmaking as a career or you have purchased your own equipment and wish to drop in on a few certifications to learn more, our classes are for you. NWFF's curriculum offers a complete education in nearly all aspects of filmmaking. Multi-session classes meet weekly and offer in-depth, hands-on experience with filmmaking tools, while one-day workshops offer both insightful lectures and practical techniques on current filmmaking topics.

This schedule is updated regularly.  Please check back for new classes, or email to ask about our annual class offerings.


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Audio Recording For Film and Video

December 8 & 11 (Monday & Thursday), 6:30pm-9:30pm
Instructor: Nate Eiford
Tuition: $100 ($85 for Film Forum members)

This two-day workshop will cover the essentials of audio, microphones, recorder technology and recording techniques to enable your production, no matter the budget, to sound professional. The first evening will be an in-depth presentation of the concepts. The second class will include three hours of hands-on learning with a field test and an evaluation. Students will leave knowing how to listen to, evaluate and capture better audio for film production.

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Beginning Final Cut Pro X

January 7 - 28 (Wednesdays), 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Instructor: Bernard Mann 

Tuition: $330 ($295 for Film Forum members)
Limited to 5 students

Final Cut Pro X is an ideal non-linear digital editing program for anyone with little or no background in editing. The software's interface and ease of use allows aspiring filmmakers to produce polished and well-told stories in no time.  In this class, students will learn to make better story decisions while learning the software from the ground up. You will learn how to import footage and organize your media while mastering editing techniques for digital video and sound. Students will also learn how to effectively use transitions, text and color techniques while understanding how to export to one of the many formats available. Prior experience in non-linear editing is not required, but basic computer skills are necessary.

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Post Production Sound and Audio Editing

January 12 & 15 (Monday & Thursday), 6:30pm-9:30pm
Instructor: Nate Eiford
Tuition: $100 ($85 for Film Forum members)
Limited to 5 students 

This class will cover the fundamentals of audio editing and sound mixing for video. We will introduce available mixing and processing tools that will enable you to clean up noise, achieve consistency of sound and take your post-production sound to a professional level. The first two-hour class will focus on sound theory. For the second session, students are encouraged to bring clips as we work in the editing suite at the Northwest Film Forum.

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Editors Collective

January 6 - 27 (Tuesdays) 6:30pm-9:30pm
Instructor: Dina Guttmann
Tuition: $200 ($185 for Film Forum members)

Bring your own footage as we look at how different editing styles are used in all types of videos (from silly commercials to avant-garde wonders). With the support of a professional editor, students will spend time editing their own material and a work together as a class as we push ourselves to improve our craft. This class is for students who have worked on editing projects before but want to take their skill to the next level.


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Citizen Journalist: An Intro to Indie Journalism

January 6 & 8 (Tuesday & Thursday), 6:30pm-8:30pm
Instructor: Alex Garland
Tuition: $80 ($60 for Film Forum members)

In the age of electronic media, facts are editorialized, opinions are confused with news, and much goes unreported or misrepresented. It becomes the citizens responsibility to document the world around them. In this class, we'll better prepare students for their pursuit of independent journalism by providing knowledge, skills, and abilities for all levels of experience. This class will cover optional tools for the job, your rights as a citizen journalist, and, among others, how to best share your work. This is as much an open environment to learn from each other, as it is an opportunity to network with other passionate independent journalists.

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Introduction to Script Analysis

January 8 & 15 (Thursdays), 6:30pm-9:30pm
Instructor: Peter Tolfree
Tuition: $75 ($60 for Film Forum members)

This class will introduce the fundamental building blocks of screenplay writing. Through the study of short films and script analysis, we will explore how our favorite feature films convey stories about the dramatic actions of interesting characters, told through a balance of visual and spoken language. Students will then collaborate to create a short screen story that incorporates all of the dramatic tools screenwriters use today. 

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