Required Viewing (Film Appreciation)

In this series of seminars students will become familiar with how to understand and read the visual language of cinema and will become more acquainted with some of the greatest filmmakers who have ever lived.  Pre-registration is required. Email craig@nwfilmforum for registration.

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The Art of the Documentary

January 13th - February 24th (Wednesdays) 6:30pm - 8:30pm
No class Feb 10th
Instructor: Jay Kuehner
Tuition: $95 ($120 for Film Forum members)

A Survey of Creative Non­Fiction Filmmaking:

This required viewing class will explore the evolution of creative documentary practice, tracing a genealogy back to roots in Vertov and Flaherty, the subsequent politicization of non­fiction during wartime, the impact of verité, direct, and observational cinema, the uses of ethnography and cultural anthropology, the birth of the modern “popular” documentary, and the current trend of docu­fiction. This survey, spanning a century but emphasizing current production, is intended to explore the creative strategies and methodologies that have effectively transformed the genre from mere reportage to an ascendant art form, one which has perhaps superseded fiction film's capacity to engage our collective cinematic imagination. Practicing filmmakers will be exposed to an artistic itinerary that challenges the genre's status quo, while filmgoers will be compelled to discern between topical and enduring strains of documentary cinema.

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