Required Viewing (Film Appreciation)

Reception Studies

May 23rd & 30th (Mondays) 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Instructor: John Trafton
Tuition: $30 ($20 for Film Forum members)

This two-part series workshop will look at the interaction between audiences and film—how the context and conditions surrounding a film’s release influence the way a spectator views a film. Reception Studies departs from the traditional Film Studies argument that the film’s text is the site of meaning, instead focusing on how historical events, cultural influences, demographic shifts, and technological advances can shape audience reception. Participants in this workshop will gain a stronger understanding of what can be revealed through studying a film’s reception at a given historical moment and how studying film reception can strengthen their own skills as filmmaker, film writer, or a scholar of a related

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Film & Media Theory

March 30th - April 20th (Wednesdays) 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Instructor: Vaun Raymond
Tuition: $120 ($95 for Film Forum members)

Students will learn and apply analytical skills for understanding how people create meaning through metaphors in film and other media.

The primary goal of the workshop is to provide filmmakers with classical concepts and terminology for discussing and understanding films, including their own. A secondary goal is to emphasize the power of metaphor and encourage filmmakers to recognize the opportunities and responsibilities associated with this power in today's society.

We will examine films from both academic and practical standpoints. Academic considerations will include aesthetics, symbolism, ideology, politics and cultural references. Practical considerations will include story structure, mise-en-scene, visual composition, creative use of lenses, blocking, camera movement, sound design and other technical matters. The latter discussions will focus on how practical techniques are used for aesthetic and metaphoric purposes.

The workshop will consist of four sessions of three hours each. Each session will be a blend of multi-media presentations, learning games and screenings of films with frequent pauses for guided discussion.

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