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Veracity: New Documentary Cinema

The proliferation of documentaries in the 21st century is no surprise, given the radically shifting nature of the world we live in today; our grasp on the “real” is constituted loosely at best. An emerging breed of nonfiction filmmaking finds the genre expanding in exciting, adventurous, and unforeseen ways, not merely reporting on subjects but interrogating the very form’s capacity to reflect and render some semblance of truth. This series of documentary films, culled from across the globe, explores the adaptive strategies of the medium, co-mingling fact and fiction, and giving expression to Andre Bazin’s dictum that every film is, in essence, a factual hallucination.
- Curator Jay Kuehner

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Three Wisemen

A rare 35mm trio of Frederick Wiseman's early films!
Over the past six decades, documentarian Frederick Wiseman has captured an abundance of American institutions on film. From police precincts to public parks, Wiseman's observational approach illuminate the places that shape American ways of life in stunning depth and detail. Through an arrangement with the Library of Congress National Audio-Visual Conservation Center, three of Frederick Wiseman’s earliest and most popular documentaries have been preserved in 35mm from original camera negatives in the Zipporah Films collection. This November, the Grand Illusion Cinema and Northwest Film Forum present Titicut Follies, High School, and Hospital on film.
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Titicut Follies will screen at the Film Forum; High School and Hospital will screen at the Grand Illusion.
Grand Illusion members will receive the Film Forum member discount at Titicut Follies, and Film Forum members will receive the Grand Illusion member discount at High School and Hospital.
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Earshot Jazz Films


Once again Northwest Film Forum partners with Earshot Jazz to present excellent films about the art of jazz. Join us on October 26th & November 4th for screenings.

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Industry Events


Northwest Film Forum hosts networking events and visits from industry professionals to support our local community of artists and media makers. 

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VOD IRL is a series of video-on-demand screenings produced in the movie theater, with filmmakers and special guests in attendance. As audiences continue to migrate online, VOD IRL represents an experiment in creative adaptation to a changing industry.

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