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Puget Soundtrack

Puget Soundtrack is a series of live score commissions presented by Northwest Film Forum. The Film Forum invites musicians and bands to choose a film for which they would like to create and perform a live score. This gives musicians the artistic freedom to approach not only the performance with creative autonomy, but also to select films that inspire them musically. Past editions of Puget Soundtrack have included performances by: Kingdom of the Holy Sun, Vox Mod, Cabana, Newaxeyes, Cock & Swan, Tim Held and Dave West, and Ahamefule Oluo.

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Ben Gibbard Presents His Favorite Music Films

OCTOBER 17 - 18 & 24 - 25, 2015

Sponsored by the Neumos Group

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Join us for two weekends in October as acclaimed local musician and avid cinephile Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie, the Postal Service) shares some of his favorite music films of all time. From a fun 60s romp with the Monkees (Head) to canonical documentaries that capture timeless performances (The Decline of Western Civilization Part II, Urgh! A Music War), Ben's picks have something for everyone.

The series will also include a conversation between Ben Gibbard and local director Lynn Shelton about scoring the film Laggies.





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Also Like Life: The Films of Hou Hsiao-hsien

MARCH 20 - 28, 2015

Co-presented with the Grand Illusion Cinema!
35mm prints!

A striking, singular voice in world cinema, Hou Hsiao-hsien is a leading Taiwanese filmmaking auteur, whose invaluable contributions to the art of cinema range from intricately woven narratives to gracefully empathetic long takes (and achingly beautiful cinematography). This series samples Hou Hsiao-hsien’s remarkable filmography, presenting five films that span fifteen years of his career. 

An international retrospective organized by Richard I. Suchenski (Director, Center for Moving Image Arts at Bard College), in collaboration with the Taipei Cultural Center, the Taiwan Film Institute, and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The book Hou Hsiao-hsien (Vienna: Österreichisches Filmmuseum and New York: Columbia University Press, 2014) has been released in conjunction with this retrospective.

"this five-film selection reprises the last HHH retro in Seattle, 15 years ago, when the Grand Illusion and Northwest Film Forum were a joint enterprise." —Seattle Weekly, The Pick List

  • Please note, all screenings are held (on different dates) at both Northwest Film Forum and the Grand Illusion Cinema! Please check the calendar for which venue hosts on which date. Tickets sold separately for each venue. Member discounts honored at both organizations!

Full Schedule 

Fri 3/20: A TIME TO LIVE AND A TIME TO DIE @ Grand Illusion Cinema (7PM)
Sat 3/21: DUST IN THE WIND @ Northwest Film Forum (5PM)
Sun 3/22: GOOD MEN, GOOD WOMEN @ Grand Illusion Cinema (5PM)
Mon 3/23: FLOWERS OF SHANGHAI @ Northwest Film Forum (3PM)
Mon 3/23: A TIME TO LIVE AND A TIME TO DIE @ Northwest Film Forum (7PM)
Tues 3/24: DUST IN THE WIND @ Grand Illusion Cinema (7PM)
Weds 3/25: MILLENIUM MAMBO @ Northwest Film Forum (8PM)
Thurs, 3/26: FLOWERS OF SHANGHAI @ Grand Illusion Cinema (7PM)
Fri, 3/27: GOOD MEN, GOOD WOMEN @ Northwest Film Forum (8PM)
Sat, 3/28: MILLENIUM MAMBO @ Grand Illusion Cinema (4:45PM)

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ByDesign 2015

APRIL 10 - 14, 2015

Co-presented with Civilization

ByDesign, our annual architecture and design film festival, returns in a new partnership with Seattle design firm Civilization. This year’s film lineup roves the architectural terrain of tiny houses, the history of typography, the interiors of 1977’s psychic landscapes, a German architecture firm captured through the lens of the late Harun Farocki in one of his last films, and more. 

ByDesign brings together a diversity of people, ideas and creative visions to explore intersections of design and the moving image. The program celebrates artists who combine forms and disciplines to transform our visual culture. Join us for an opening party and array of guest artists and speakers, documentaries, panel discussions that illuminate the roots, currents and future of design in motion.

"not without topical, practical interest in our increasingly congested and expensive city" —Seattle Weekly

"By far, this is the best ByDesign I have ever seen." —Charles Mudede, The Stranger 

Special thanks to our ByDesign partners and supporters including the Office of Arts & Culture, Seattle, Mohawk, Printing Control, Northwest Polite Society, The Vera Project, the Frye Art Museum, ARCADE NW, the Sorrento Hotel, GRAY Magazine, AIGA and Juicebox.


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Avant-garde Cinema from Ex-Yugoslavia: 1950s-80s

MAY 20 - 31, 2015

Rare 16mm and 35mm prints!

A critically important realm of avant-garde cinema has been largely neglected in the US over the years—the wave of films that emerged in the countries of former Yugoslavia. While a handful of filmmakers have penetrated the consciousness of American scholars and cineastes—Dušan Makavejev above all, though Karpo Godina and Želimir Žilnik have begun to make ripples as well—these artists are merely the tip of the iceberg, representing an experimental film movement of extraordinary richness, inventiveness, and uncompromising political engagement. 

To begin to redress the invisibility of these films here in the US, as well as to call attention to some of the important institutions and organizations that are heroically working (in the face of daunting obstacles) to preserve the avant-garde cinema of ex-Yugoslavia, we’ve invited the Slovenian Cinematheque, the Croatian Film Association, and the Academic Film Center, Belgrade, to curate programs showcasing films from their collections. Although even these four programs represent only the most selective of surveys of the Slovenian, Croatian, and Serbian avant-garde movements, the films included here are guaranteed to transform your conception of twentieth-century experimental cinema. 
—Jed Rapfogel, Film Programmer, Anthology Film Archives, New York

Thanks to Jed Rapfogel (Anthology Film Archives) Jurij Meden (Slovenian Cinematheque & George Eastman House), Diana Nenadić (Croatian Film Association), and Miodrag Miša Milošević (Academic Film Center, Student City Cultural Center, Belgrade).

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