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Umiak: Pulling To The Beat

Dec 19

A short film story about the lives touched by the construction of an Umiaq at the Evergreen State Longhouse Carving Shed. With support of art and culture programs and a lot of heart, the Umiak came into being. Despite being far from Alaska’s Arctic region, culture carries on through the dedicated individuals coming together with the desire to give to the future.



Hoop Dreams

20th anniversary screening!
New digital restoration!
With exclusive video introduction and post-screening "20 Years Later" update by director Steve James, recorded at Northwest Film Forum!

Dec 19 - Dec 21

(Steve James, 1994, United States, DCP, 170 min)

Roger Ebert said it best: Hoop Dreams’ depiction of two high school ball players trying to make it in the prejudiced cauldron of Chicago in the ‘90s is “the great American documentary” (the Oscars snubbed it entirely). Steve James’ vision of the pipeline of poor, black basketball talent brings to mind the Windy City from Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle. In high school, black athletes are still cheap enough to treat like penny stocks, and we watch as two of them brave the ringer of all-white private schools, poverty and the constant risk of injury for a shot at a scholarship.



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