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The Courage to Love

Feb 28

It is estimated that at least 18 million Americans are suffering from sexual addiction, yet to date there has not been a documentary film made about this very real public health issue. Filmmaker Paul Ginocchio spent the past seven years creating this personal documentary film about men and women healing from sexual addiction. The Courage to Love will be making its Seattle premiere at Northwest Film Forum. 



Indigenous Showcase: Princess Angeline

Filmmakers Sandy and Yasu Osawa in attendance!
Co-presented with Longhouse Media!
Public reception at 6pm
Please note the first screening (7:30pm) is now sold out!

Feb 28

(Sandy Osawa and Yasu Osawa, 2009, 53 min)

Princess Angeline, daughter of Chief Seattle and star of many Seattle postcards, lived alone towards the end of her life, refusing to leave her homeland. What historical events led her to be one of the few Duwamish people left in Seattle by the 1890s, only 35 years after the peace treaty guaranteeing that land would be reserved for the Duwamish (which never happened)? 



Big in Japan

U.S. premiere!
Director John Jeffcoat in attendance on 2/27 and 2/28!
Post-screening live sets with Tennis Pro on 2/20 and 2/21!

Feb 20 - Mar 05

(John Jeffcoat, 2014, United States, DCP, 100 min)

Making its theatrical premiere in Seattle after world premiering at SXSW, Big in Japan is an upbeat rock 'n roll road movie by local director (and founding member of Northwest Film Forum) John Jeffcoat (Outsourced). Creative nonfiction meets comedy, as Seattle-based band Tennis Pro play versions of themselves in their quest for fame. The guys are about to call it quits on their hometown: bored with their day jobs and unable to build a fan base in the local music scene, the trio sets out to make it big in Japan. Comedic adventures, cross-culture connections, rock concerts, and a zanily psychedelic animated sequence ensues. 



La Notte

Screening held at the Seattle Art Museum, 1300 First Avenue
Post-screening discussion moderated by Sean Nelson!

Mar 03

(1961, Italy, 115 min)

La Notte is the second film Antonioni made in a year, and it tells the story of a day in the life of an unfaithful married couple and their deteriorating relationship. The plot is not a good index for the film, however; the key is the use of the camera as a pen that explores the world as a visual corollary of inner life.



Festival of (In)appropriation

Curated by Jaimie Baron, Lauren Berliner and Greg Cohen
Filmmakers Chris Vargas and Greg Youmans in attendance!

Mar 05

Whether you call it collage, compilation, found footage, détournement, or recycled cinema, the incorporation of already existing media into new artworks is a practice that generates novel juxtapositions and new meanings and ideas, often in ways entirely unrelated to the intentions of the original makers. Founded in 2009, the Festival of (In)appropriation is a yearly showcase of contemporary, short (20 minutes or less), audiovisual works that appropriate existing film, video, or other media and repurpose it in “inappropriate” and inventive ways. 



Wild Canaries

Seattle premiere!
Filmmakers in attendance March 12!

Mar 06 - Mar 12

(Lawrence Michael Levine, United States, 2014, 99 min, DCP)

Director Lawrence Michael Levine describes his Brooklyn-set madcap detective-style murder comedy as "50% screwball, 50% suspense.” Husband and wife filmmaking team Sophia Takal and director Lawrence Michael Levine star as recently engaged but perpetually bickering couple Barri and Noah. When their elderly downstairs neighbor suddenly kicks the bucket, the flighty Barri immediately suspects foul play. Cue a hilariously harebrained investigation as Barri—outfitted in a Columbo-style trench coat—enlists her secretly-in-love-with-her lesbian roommate to help her get to the bottom of the matter.



Jeremy Moss: Space immaterial/Immaterial place

Visiting filmmaker!
Introduction and Q&A moderation by Johanna Gosse!

Mar 07

The films of Jeremy Moss explore the intersection of expressionistic tendencies, place and the moving body. His work ranges from surrealist documentary, to abstract hand-made 16mm films, to dance for camera, to essay film. Join us for an immersive optical and sonic experience, and revel in cinema’s capacity for meditation and rigorous experimentation.



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