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All About the Feathers

Por las plumas

Apr 22 - Apr 23

(Neto Villalobos, Costa Rica, 2013, DCP, 85 min)

Getting an independent production off the ground in Costa Rica (where the film industry pales in comparison with the sway of ecotourism) is about as likely as a lanky security guard raising a prize-fighting rooster. Director Neto Villalobos nimbly charts the trials of Chalo, who covets a local grocer's auspicious-seeming bird that, once possessed, is re-christened 'Rocky' and becomes something of a life partner to the loner who lives, naturally, above a fried chicken joint. 



Salt of the Earth

Co-presented with the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies at the University of Washington and the Labor Archives of Washington, UW Libraries Special Collections

Apr 23

(Herbert J. Biberman, USA, 1954, 94 min)

Blacklisted film professionals, with political beliefs deemed too radical in McCarthy-era Hollywood, collaborated with the International Union of Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers to make this neorealist classic, which follows the struggle of miners and their families (many of them non-actors from the miners union)  as they strike against the Empire Zinc Company in New Mexico. 



Summer of Flying Fish

El verano de los peces voladores

Apr 20 - Apr 23

(Marcela Said, Chile/France, 2013, DCP, 87 min)

Marcela Said's first foray into scripted narrative filmmaking after a series of award-winning documentaries focusing on Pinochet's regime sees her mining discreet (but no less politically sensitive) material: indigenous versus inherited legacies in Chile. 



A Report on the Party and the Guests

Apr 23

(Jan Nemec, Czechoslovakia, 1966, 35mm, 70min)

In Czechoslovak maverick’s Jan Němec’s most politically charged film, a group of middle-aged bourgeois friends picnic in the woods; soon they are assaulted by thugs who interrogate them, until the party’s host intervenes. This examination of the mechanics of power and the ways people participate was banned in Czechoslovakia by the Communist regime, who rebuffed Němec’s assurances that it was not intended as an allegory of their government.



Jonathas’ Forest

A Floresta de Jonathas

Apr 21 - Apr 24

(Sergio Andrade, Brazil, 2012, DCP, 99 min)

A becalmed but ripe tale of family life in Amazonia is transformed into a haunting rumination on man-in-nature, in this Brazilian take on tropical malady. Banished from the home by a bitter father, Juliano embarks on a defiant camping trip, with his curious brother Jonathas in tow.




Co-presented with 12toRain and City Arts magazine

Apr 24

Internet may have killed the video star, but music video culture is alive and kicking in the Northwest. Join Northwest Film Forum, 12toRain and City Arts magazine for videOasis, a new quarterly showcase of the best new music videos produced in the region. We’re kicking off the first videOasis in conjunction with the 2014 Music Issue by City Arts, as we pull videos from the interweb ether down to earth and onto the big screen, with musicians and directors here in person to discuss the process of collaboration.



La Ultima Pelicula

Apr 25 - Apr 30

(Raya Martin and Mark Peranson, Canada/Mexico/Philippines, 2013, DCP, 88 min)

A product of DOX:LAB, a Copenhagen-based consortium linking artists from developing and developed countries to collaborate on projects, La Ultima Pelicula is Raya Martin's (the Philippines) and Mark Peranson's (Canada, and first time-feature director) homage to Dennis Hopper's bat-shit crazy film folly, The Last Movie



Purgatorio: A Journey Into the Heart of the Border

Purgatorio: Un viaje el corazón de la frontera

Apr 25

(Rodrigo Reyes, Mexico/USA, 2012, DCP, 80 min)

Rodrigo Reyes' harrowing and lyrical documentary goes in search of stories along the U.S.-Mexico border–from Tijuana to Juarez–to piece together a human portrait of migration, xenophobia, corruption and salvation. La Frontera is both gate of heaven, and hell on earth. Show me a fifty-foot wall and I'll show you a fifty-one foot ladder, the saying goes. And yet, the desert is strewn with corpses, while debates about immigration continue to polarize discussion north of the border. 



Los Posibles

Apr 22 - Apr 26

(Santiago Mitre, Juan Onofri Barbato, Argentina, 2013, DCP, 55 min)

The follow-up to Santiago Mitre's student political drama El Estudiante (featured in last year's focus on Argentine films at Northwest Film Forum) comes as an unexpected surprise: Los Posibles is a dance film, albeit as mysterious and propulsive as his first narrative feature. 



Looking For Adventure

Apr 25 - Apr 26

(Kimi Takesue, Peru/USA, 2013, PRO-RES, 47 min)

Exploring with rigorous formal composure the “strains, pleasures, and choreography” of group tourism in Peru, documentary filmmaker Kimi Takesue has created a unique ethnography of Andean culture: both its commodification for the exotic-seeking traveler, and the sublime elements that effectively inspire pilgrimages of universal beauty. 



Porcelain Horse

Mejor No Hablar de Ciertas Cosas

Opening night party for Pulsos Latinos follows the screening on April 18!

Featuring a free cachaça bar (21+ only) from Novo Fogo and live music from DJ Chilly!

Apr 18 - Apr 26

(Javier Andrade, Ecuador, 2012, DCP, 100 min)

A corrosive and funny drama—by turns blackly sardonic and deeply tender—about two brothers trying to grow up amid the torpor of drugs and the insulating comforts of class privilege in Portoviejo, Ecuador. 



Framing Pictures

Free event!

Feb 28 - Apr 27

Join us for a free, lively monthly discussion led by long-time Seattle film critics (and occasional guests) who have much to say on the subject of cinephilia past, present and future. The April conversation includes former Film Comment editor Richard Jameson, Everett Herald/KUOW critic Robert Horton and critic Kathleen Murphy.



Nothing Against Life

Co-presented by Northwest Film Forum and Cinerama, in a benefit for the Washington Youth Suicide Prevention Program

Seattle premiere!

Post-screening cast & crew discussion!

Apr 30

A fearless, moving drama that addresses the social implications of living with depression, and stigmas surrounding suicide and mental health, Nothing Against Life peers into the lives of four disparate characters whose paths intertwine, as they navigate the razor's edge of life.



High Rise

Co-presented with ARCADE and Charles Mudede

Apr 30

(Gabriel Mascaro, Brazil, 2009, 66 min)

In High-Rise (Um Lugar ao Sol), nine penthouse residents in three of Brazil's largest cities (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Recife) divulge what it's like to live at the top. Through revealing interviews with the residents, in the comfort of their high-rise lofts, director Gabriel Mascaro exposes a world of wealth gone wild. 




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