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David Domingo: A Super 8 Odyssey

Filmmaker in attendance!
Sponsored by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)
Co-presented with ExCinema
Co-presented with the Seattle Latino Film Festival

Apr 28

Spanish filmmaker David Domingo began making Super 8 films when he was twenty years old, and specializes in super 8mm and 16mm film. Northwest Film Forum is one of five film institutions across the U.S. to host Domingo on a tour that includes Los Angeles FilmForum, San Francisco Cinematheque, Cinema Project (Portland, Oregon), and Anthology Film Archive in New York.



My Golden Days

Seattle premiere!

Apr 22 - May 05

(Arnaud Desplechin, France, 2015, DCP, 123 min)

Prolific French writer/director and five-time Cannes contender Arnaud Desplechin’s (My Sex Life… Or How I Got Into an Argument, Hitchcock/Truffaut,) latest film is an uncommonly resonant coming-of-age story that mines the breadth of human emotion and explores the power of the past to define our present.




Director Alonso Ruiz Palacios in attendance!
Co-presented by Pacific Lutheran University
Co-presented with the Seattle Latino Film Festival

Apr 29

(Alonzo Ruiz Palacios, Mexico, 2015, DCP, 106 min)

Awarded Best First Feature at the Berlinale, Alonzo Ruizpalacios’s full-length debut captures the tumultuous coming of age of Tomás, a fair-skinned teenager sent by his exhausted mother to live in Mexico City with his dark-skinned brother. Set amidst the National University of Mexico student strike of 1999, brothers Tomás and Federico navigate the spectrum of disenfranchisement and youthful enthusiasm from behind the wheel of an aging Volkswagen.



Our Last Tango

Apr 29 - May 02

(German Kral, Germany/Argentina, 2015, DCP, 85 min)

Tango dancers María Nieves Rego and Juan Carlos Copes met as teenagers nearly seventy years ago, when their magnetic chemistry made them one of tango’s most beloved duos. They would continue to dance, love and hate together for decades. Our Last Tango reveals a fiery love story that burned hot both on the dance floor and off.



Chantal Akerman, From Here

West Coast Premiere!
Co-presented with SIFF: Cinema of Chantal Akerman, April 22-28
*SIFF and NWFF members receive member discounts at both venues for this special program*

Apr 30

(Gustavo Beck & Leonardo Luiz Ferreira, 2012, 62 min)

In Chantal Akerman, From Here, the renowned Belgian filmmaker sits down for an hour-long conversation about her entire body of work.

Throughout, the camera holds steady from outside an open door. The long, unbroken shot, and the frame-within-a-frame pay homage to Akerman's own unmistakable style ("I need a corridor. I need doors. Otherwise, I can't work", she says). But by shooting her in profile, the filmmakers provide a contrast to the signature frontality of her compositions (one of the many subjects covered in the wide-ranging interview) - an acknowledgement of this portrait's contingency also underlined by the title.



From the East

Co-presented with SIFF: Cinema of Chantal Akerman, April 22-28
*SIFF and NWFF members receive member discounts at both venues for this special program*

May 01

(Chantal Akerman, 1993, 110 min)

FROM THE EAST retraces a journey from the end of summer to deepest winter, from East Germany, across Poland and the Baltics, to Moscow. It is a voyage Chantal Akerman wanted to make shortly after the collapse of the Soviet bloc "before it was too late," reconstructing her impressions in the manner of a documentary on the border of fiction.



Open Screenings at the Film Forum

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Jan 25 - Dec 05

Are you a local filmmaker looking to share your work? Seeking feedback on your film? Want to see what other people are currently working on? Come join us for our monthly opening screening! Hang out with new and established filmmakers and experience films being made right here in our community.



Down There

West Coast premiere!
Co-presented with SIFF: Cinema of Chantal Akerman, April 22-28
*SIFF and NWFF members receive member discounts at both venues for this special program*

May 02

(Chantal Akerman, 2016, 78 min)

According to director Chantal Akerman, she never planned to make a film in Israel. She was convinced that neutrality does not exist and that her subjectivity would get in her way. She was sure she would only be able to reflect on 'the Israel question' while she was outside the country.


Photo credit: Yuchi Jibiki

Project Fukushima

Free screening!
Q&A with festival organizer Otomo Yoshihide

May 02

(Hikaru Fuji, Japan, 2012, 90 min)

Just five months after the earthquake and tsunami of 2011, a group of Japanese artists and musicians including Otomo Yoshihide held an arts festival in the city of Fukushima. They called their festival simply “Fukushima!” without any qualifying slogans or descriptions, aiming to counter the negative associations the name had taken on in the wake of the nuclear accident. Though little-known outside Japan until now, the festival was a success: 13,000 people were in attendance and an additional 25,000 viewed streaming coverage of the festival online.



Tokyo Drifter

May 04

(Seijun Suzuki, Japan, 1966, DCP, Japanese with English subtitles, 83 min)

Tasked with making a vehicle for actor/singer Tetsuya Watari to croon the title song, Suzuki concocted this crazy yarn about a reformed yakuza on the run from his former comrades. The film is mainly an excuse to stage an escalating series of goofy musical numbers and over-the-top fight scenes.



Carmen from Kawachi

May 04

(Seijun Suzuki, Japan, 1966, B&W, 35mm, Japanese with English subtitles, 89 min)

A 1960s riff on the opera Carmen (including a rock version of its famous aria “Habanero”), this picaresque tale sends its heroine from the countryside to Osaka and Tokyo in search of success as a singer.



Weekend Warriors Happy Hour & Screening

Happy hour at 6pm
Screening at 7:15pm
Special ticket price $8 general/$6 member

May 05

Weekend Warriors is a Facebook group for Seattle-based filmmakers joining together on the weekends and some evenings to actively create film projects.
Join us for a happy hour and screening of recent work from the group, and the opportunity to mingle offline over a drink! 



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