Children's Film Festival

January 21 - January 31, 2016

Over the past decade, Children’s Film Festival Seattle has become the largest and most respected film festival on the West Coast dedicated to children and their families. Each year, Northwest Film Forum selects more than 175 international children’s films from 58 countries, reaching more than 10,000 people during festival screenings in Seattle and a subsequent festival tour of 15-20 U.S. cities.

All over the world, filmmakers are crafting works of exhilarating imagination and creativity just for kids; Northwest Film Forum curates the best of these films and presents them to Seattle families.The 12-day extravaganza celebrates the best and brightest in international cinema for children, featuring live performances, animation, features, shorts and hands-on education workshops, all crafted with care to appeal to the next generation of movie lovers.

By showcasing innovative, inspiring and fun films from around the globe, we promote delight, discussion and even debate while sparking interest in different languages and ways of life, as our young audience members leave with a better understanding of film as one of the greatest means of storytelling ever created.



Best of the Fest DVDs

Get ready for Children's Film Festival 2014 with a look back at cinema magic from our past festivals!  

Kidflix Global and Northwest Film Forum present Around the World with Children's Film Festival 2012, just in time for the holidays. This program of live action and animated shorts is a passport to a world of imagination for all ages.  You'll meet magical characters, laugh at funny stories and learn how friendship makes the planet go 'round. Includes films from England, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Russia, Australia and the United States.

DVDs are available for $25 (includes shipping within the United States, add $5 for international shipping). 

Price + Shipping

Curated by Elizabeth Shepherd. Total running time: 66 minutes.

DVD Program

Mungge – Not Again!
Two marmots and a hedgehog must try to rescuetheir sleepwalking friend.
In Swiss German with English subtitles. (Dir. Irmgard Walthert, Adrian Flückiger and Claudia Röthlin,Switzerland, animated, 6:20 min)

Little Red Plane 
A boy and his cat hop in a knitted red plane to deliver packages all over the world and beyond. (Dir. Charlotte Blacker, England, animated, 3:39 min)

Love Bug
A nine-year-old, bug-loving boy must work up the courage to ask a like-minded little girl out on a date. Winner of the Children’s Jury Prize for Best Live Action Short. (Dir. Kat Candler, USA, 6 min)

A sweet film about feelings, and the way that friends can help each other. In German with English subtitles. (Dir. Kai Pannen, Germany, animated, 6:14 min) 

The Driving Accident
A minor mess becomes a big one when a little boy attempts to clean up a mishap. Winner of the Children’s Jury Northwest Prize. (Dir. Rio Fitch, Canada, 5 min)

Adventures of Owen
A boy harnesses the power of his imagination to soar above his everyday problems. (Dir. David Cadiz, Canada, 13 min)

A boy practicing the cello is transported to a magical place. (Dir. Tatiana Kurnaeva, Russia, animated, 6 min)

King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki Me O
A sweet old folk song, set to a song by Laura Veirs with eyepopping animation by Britta Johnson. (Dir. Britta Johnson, USA; animated; 3:04 min)

Minnie Loves Junior
The story of a girl’s admiration for a boy, and how she proves to him how valuable her friendship can be. (Dir. Andy and Matt Mullins, Australia, 13:40 min)