Stone Cold with live commentary by John Criscitello

Jul 12

(Craig R. Baxley, US, 1991, 95 min)

"He’ll burn you cold."

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Obnoxious, notorious ex-Seahawk Brian “The Boz” Bosworth is Joe Huff, a cop who’s a little TOO tough on crime. Joe’s superiors, unable to rein him in, sentence him to an undercover gig from hell: infiltrate The Brotherhood, a murderous, drug-slinging white supremacist biker gang led by Chains Cooper and Ice Hensley (Lance Henriksen and William Forsythe, respectively, in top form). Just barely blending in as “John Stone,” Joe discovers that The Brotherhood aims to bump off a high-level government official to advance their skinhead agenda. Shirtless brawling, life-or-death drinking games, motorcycle stunts, the destruction of government and personal property, and a perfectly coiffed mullet: all in a day’s work for Joe Huff.

Stone Cold is a must for fans of John Criscitello’s MST3K-style front-row commentary on the beloved T&A travesty To the Limit, with America’s sweetheart Anna Nicole Smith!

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