All The President's Men

Jul 06, 2013

(Alan Pakula, USA, 1976, 35mm, 138 min)

Introduced by Greenwood neighborhood activist Kate Martin

Longtime Greenwood neighborhood activist Kate Martin's pick is the Watergate tell-all by Alan Pakula, All the President's Men. "The story of the century" gets a film noir treatment as the paranoia of Nixon's White House spreads like a disease through the shadowy streets and underground parking lots, to the suburban kitchens of Washington, DC. Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman star as two young Washington Post reporters, Bernstein and Woodward, who broke the floodgates on the Watergate scandal.

This tightly woven thriller is suspenseful, even though (or perhaps because) by now we know the story inside and out. Pakula's film immerses the audience in a sea of names, allegations and denials, tossing aside any interest in the ramifications of Watergate in service of recreating the overwhelming mess from which it was culled, cleaned and first exposed to the world.

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