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Seattle premiere!

Aug 22 - Aug 24

(Amat Escalante, Mexico, DCP, 2013)

The film selected to represent Mexico for the Best Foreign Picture at the Academy Awards is a melancholic, visceral, unflinching rumination on the brutality of the drug war, and the perseverance of one family that is inadvertently drawn into it. 



The Strange Little Cat

Seattle premiere!

Aug 22 - Aug 28

(Ramon Zürcher, Germany, 2013, 72 min)

Developed in a workshop with Bela Tarr, Ramon Zürcher’s feature debut turns the domestic drama formula inside out by playfully unearthing the everyday rituals of a family of ten in a Berlin flat. Loosely adapted from Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis, Little Cat’s style has inspired comparisons to filmmakers ranging from Chantal Ackerman to Jacques Tati to Bresson to Ozu.



Expedition to the End of the World

Seattle premiere!

Aug 29 - Sep 04

(Daniel Dencik, Denmark, 2013, 90 min)

In 2011, a crew of scientists and artists boarded a three mast schooner and set out for the rugged fjords of Northeast Greenland. Their mission? Simply to explore. Encounters with polar bears, new species, and lingering existential questions are accompanied in this documentary by an eclectic soundtrack featuring Mozart and Metallica.



No No: A Dockumentary

U.S. premiere!

Sep 05 - Sep 11

(Jeff Radice, United States, 2014, 100 min)

On June 12, 1970, baseball player Dock Ellis threw a no-hitter for the Pittsburgh Pirates—while tripping on LSD. Known for wearing curlers under his baseball cap and refusing to accept the second-class treatment African Americans so often faced in the league, No No: A Dockumentary traces the history of the acid-fueled no-hitter and Dock’s legacy as an outspoken leader of a new wave of civil rights in sports.



Take Three 2014

Sep 05

An evening of new video and animation work by Seattle area artists Rick Bidlack; Pete Fleming; Stephanie Hargrave with RobRoy Chalmers; Tim Marsden; Joseph Pentheroudakis; Barbara Robertson with sound artist Johanna Melamed; Liz Tran; and Allyce Wood.


Image copyright Laurie Clark Photography.

Women in Film – The Second Tuesday

Happy hour + program!

Free event for WIF and NWFF members!

Mar 11 - Sep 09

Every second Tuesday of the month, join Women in Film Seattle and Northwest Film Forum to connect with your peers and share stories of your latest gig, show off a finished project or a work-in-progress, and network to your heart’s content. Special ticket pricing: $6 for guests.



Capitol Hill Art Walk at Northwest Film Forum

Free event, 6pm - 8pm!

Happy hour drink prices!

Curated by Vera Petukhova!

Jul 10 - Sep 11

Join Northwest Film Forum during Capitol Hill Art Walk for happy hours, looped film programs, and sometime-special guests and lobby installations!


Photo by Angel Ceballos.

Puget Soundtrack: Vox Mod

Live music!

Sponsored by KEXP 90.3!

Sep 13

Join us for the kickoff of our new Music Movies series, Puget Soundtrack, where we invite Seattle musicians and bands to create a live score for a film of their choosing. In September, local animator and electronic musician Vox Mod sets his encyclopedia sci-fi knowledge loose on a mystery title. Fans have detected influences as far ranging as the ‘90s cartoon Aeon Flux, Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and Jean Giraud’s oil paintings in Vox Mod’s hypnotically cinematic albums and EPs. Looking for insight into which film he’s choosing? Think Japanese, think dystopian future, think canonical anime influence.



The 78 Project Movie

Director Alex Steyermark and Producer Lavinia Jones Wright in attendance!

Sep 14

(Alex Steyermark, United States, 2014, DCP, 95 min)

The 78 Project Movie is a documentary journey across America to make one-of-a-kind 78rpm records with musicians in their hometowns using a 1930s Presto direct-to-disc recorder. With one microphone. And one blank disc. In one 3-minute take--how America's authentic musical forms were originally captured. 



Annual Members Meeting

All current Film Forum members invited to attend!

Sep 22

Members, join us as we vote on our board of directors, discuss the state of the organization and local filmmaking, network with other filmmakers and film lovers, and enjoy a drink. This is your chance to guide the direction of Northwest Film Forum, meet the board and staff, and hear about the year past and the year ahead. All current members are welcome to attend.