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The Long Voyage Home

Restored 35mm print!

May 27

(John Ford, United States, 1940, 35mm, 103 min)

The powers and fascinations of director John Ford and playwright Eugene O’Neill are happily met in this 1940 feature dramatizing the lives of men who serve as crew members aboard commercial freighters. Like O’Neill, Ford nursed a lifelong obsession with sailing and the sea, and had spent his early years in Portland, Maine, amid the maritime culture that this picture describes.



Silver Ochre: Who Are US 2016

May 28

Observations from the 21st century American road

Silver Ochre: Who Are US 2016 expresses 21st century America through the eyes and ears of two perpetually traveling artists. A series of 'moving stills' by ACVilla and Thollem Electric's live score, the performance highlights influences from the diversity of sights and sounds of this extremely varied country.



Open House with New Executive Director

Free event! Come meet our new director!

May 31

Northwest Film Forum has a new Executive Director! Courtney Sheehan has served as program and then as artistic director since fall 2013.

Come have a drink at the Forum and hear from Courtney and Film Forum staff about plans and ideas for the future. And we want to hear about what you want to see in the organization's next chapter! Plus, we’ll unveil the first batch of films and filmmaker visits curated by guest programmer Gina Basso (San Francisco Museum of Art).



Raiders! and The Adaptation - Double Feature

Directors in attendance!

Jun 02

Join us for a double-feature of Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made and its titular fan film, Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation! Experience the backstory behind the incredible shot-for-shot remake of Steven Spielberg's Raiders of the Lost Ark (executed entirely by an ingenious group of Mississippi teenagers in the '80s!), and then keep your seats to enjoy the fan film itself.



Sweet Bean

Seattle premiere!

Jun 02 - Jun 05

(Naomi Kawase, Japan, 2015, DCP, 113 min)

Known for her meditative, intimate character studies that approach “fiction with a documentarian’s gaze,” Naomi Kawase returns with her new film Sweet Bean. The story begins as a reluctant pastry chef, Sentaro is visited by an unlikely applicant for part-time help, a 76-year-old woman named Tokue whose difficult past will slowly come to light and alter the younger man’s outlook on life.




New restoration!

Jun 01 - Jun 05

(Fritz Lang, Germany, 1921, DCP, 94 min)

A highly influential expressionistic classic, Fritz Lang’s Destiny returns to the theaters in a stunning 4k restoration. The story, part legend, part dark fairytale, is primarily a young woman's dream-vision of herself and her missing lover as they try to elude the murderous designs of a cruel tyrant, who is always aided by the Angel of Death.



The Song Collector

Film subject and director in attendance!

Jun 05

(Erik Koto, United States, 2016, 54 min)

Set high in the Indian Himalaya, Ladakh is home to a rich Buddhist culture and an ancient tradition of folk singing; Morup Namgyal is Ladakh's greatest folk artist and is committed to preserving his musical heritage. Through the lives of three generations of the Namgyal family, The Song Collector explores the uneasy relationship between culture and development and ultimately offers a new vision, inspired by the Buddhist concept of the ‘middle path’, that seeks to find a beneficial coexistence between tradition and modernization.




Co-presented with Three Dollar Bill Cinema
Hosted by Scott & Lance, hosts of Cineoke
Happy Hour at 7:00pm in the lobby

Jun 09

(Jack Sholder, U.S., 1985, 85 min)

Jesse Walsh and his family have moved into the home of the sole survivor of Freddy Krueger’s 1984 killing spree. It isn’t long before Jesse is plagued with nightmares and violent urges as Freddy’s spirit seeks to possess his body, turning it into an instrument of MURDEROUS MAYHEM!




Jun 10 - Jun 12

(Maya Vitkova, Bulgaria/Romania, 2014, DCP, 155 min)

Viktoria follows three generations of women in the final years of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria and the early years of the new government, focusing on reluctant mother Boryana and her daughter, Viktoria. Writer-director Maya Vitkova's first feature has the feeling of a held breath; it is a collage of pregnant pauses, marking suppressed dreams and mute passion.



Seattle Documentary Association: The Long Haul

Happy hour at 6:30 in the lobby

Free event!

Jun 13

Amy Enser: The Long Haul

Following the visionaries behind Seattle’s Moulin Rouge-inspired Can Can Productions, the film documents a reimagining of the limited male revue staples such as Chippendales and Thunder from Down Under. The result is the Buckaroos—a theatrical cowboy western variety show featuring the “everyman."



Anna Nicole Smith: TO THE LIMIT

Co-presented with Three Dollar Bill Cinema

Hosted by John Criscitello, artist

Happy hour in the lobby at 7:00pm

Jun 16

(Raymond Martino, U.S., 1995, 93 min)

Deadly ninjas, hot Vegas nights, CIA skullduggery, a coveted CD-ROM, and superstars Anna Nicole Smith and Joey Travolta fuse into a white-hot action spectacular that will take your senses TO THE LIMIT! Anna Nicole Smith’s first starring film role after being named Playboy’s Playmate of the Year!



The Seattle Process with Brett Hamil

Happy hour at 7pm!

Jun 17

Northwest Film Forum presents The Seattle Process with Brett Hamil, a semi-monthly mudpie lobbed into the halls of power. Each live episode features interviews with high-profile politicians, activists and artists, plus standup comedy, videos and shocking revelations.



Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made

Jun 17 - Jun 19

(Jeremy Coon & Tim Skousen, U.S., 2015, 95 min)

Experience the backstory behind the incredible shot-for-shot remake of Steven Spielberg's Raiders of the Lost Ark executed entirely by an ingenious group of Mississippi teenagers in the '80s. Raiders! joins the young entrepreneurs, now grown men, as they reinvest in their childhood passion project and film one final scene.



The Long Haul Live

Feature documentary with live, interactive performance by the Buckaroos 

Sponsored by Babeland

Jun 18

(Amy Enser, United States, 2016, approx 90 min)

Magic Mike meets The Full Monty in this experimental documentary featuring six “average joes” as they reinvent the limited male revue staples such as Chippendales and Thunder from Down Under.  The result is the Buckaroos—a theatrical cowboy western variety show seen on-screen and in person in this unique interactive screening.




Co-presented with Three Dollar Bill Cinema

Hosted by The Lady B, performer/activist

Happy hour in the lobby at 7:00pm

Jun 23

(Douglas Sirk, U.S., 1959, 125 min)

Soap opera-esque in the absolute best sense, Douglas Sirk’s Imitation of Life is one of the great melodramas of the ‘50s, steeped in the race and class politics of the era. The film follows two mother-daughter relationships as they develop over several years.



Kaili Blues

Seattle premiere!

Jun 23 - Jun 26

(Bi Gan, China, 2015, DCP, 113 min)

Visual poetry and geography guide the viewer in Bi Gan’s dreamlike debut feature Kaili Blues. Gan’s fluid camera captures the mystical landscape in the province of Guizhou, following doctor Chen Sheng as he embarks on a journey by train to find his nephew. On the way, Chen Sheng encounters a place where time seems to flow both forwards and backwards, the lives of the local people a complete mystery. The personal insights gained on his journey become meaningful on a larger scale as Chen’s journey ultimately reflects on the increasingly rapid pace of cultural and economic transformation in China.



School's Out Screening of Best of Children’s Film Festival Seattle 2016

Ice cream sandwiches and cupcakes in the lobby before each show!

Jun 26

(Various countries, animation and live action, in English, Spanish, Russian, Tagalong and Dutch, with English subtitles)

What better way to celebrate the start of summer than to see the world and feed your mind, with prizewinning and audience favorite films from Children’s Film Festival! These two screenings are also a special benefit to help send this year’s crop of youth jurors to the world-famous Giffoni Film Festival, in Italy, this summer — an amazing experience that Northwest Film Forum has offered to youth since 2014.



Eurovision: Iconic Song Performances

Co-presented with Three Dollar Bill Cinema

Hosted by Richard & Kevin, Three Dollar Bill Cinema members

Happy hour in the lobby at 7:00pm

Jun 30

Eurovision is the longest-running annual song competition in television history and one of TV’s most-watched non-sports programs. The glitzy stage design, pop-anthemic performances, flamboyant costuming and dancing are delightful, breathtakingly saccharine expressions of supranational exuberance.




World premiere!
Live show commission by Northwest Film Forum

Jul 07 - Jul 09

Snow, cake, lighthouses, confined spaces, pockets, shadow, hands, pulse. These are the key components of PALMS, a performance that combines dance, music, poetry, and architectural design to portray the story of a wild animal turning into a woman. 




Open Screenings at the Film Forum

FREE Event!

Jan 25 - Dec 05

Are you a local filmmaker looking to share your work? Seeking feedback on your film? Want to see what other people are currently working on? Come join us for our monthly opening screening! Hang out with new and established filmmakers and experience films being made right here in our community.



Right Now, Wrong Then

Seattle premiere!

Jul 14 - Jul 17

(Sang-soo Hong, South Korea, 2015, DCP, 121 min)

Hong Sang-soo’s award-winning latest film Right Now, Wrong Then is a study in sincerity and awkwardly humorous encounters. A film director meets a woman while killing time before one of his screenings: a painter and former model who's never seen one of his films. They end up spending the day together, but at the exact midpoint of the film the narrative resets, replaying the day with both subtle and overt differences and suggesting new meaning in the spaces in between.