Equipment Rentals

Renting Equipment from NWFF

Northwest Film Forum has digital video, 16mm and Super-8 cameras, sound and lighting gear available for rental by active members at affordable rates, as well as Super-8, 16mm and non-linear editing systems. Proficiency with cameras is required. If you are unfamiliar with our equipment but would like to rent it, call us to coordinate a time for a certification workshop.

Please note that equipment rentals MUST be scheduled in advance, and pick-up/drop-off is by appointment only.

For information about the equipment and scheduling questions contact Business and Systems Manager David Ayala at

Listed rates are for Northwest Film Forum members. Non-members and commercial projects will be charged twice the listed rate.


Digital Video Cameras

Northwest Film Forum has three types of digital video cameras available for rent:  Canon 60D DSLR, Panasonic AG-HVX200Panasonic AG-DVX100 and the Canon GL1 Camera.

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16mm Cameras

The following 16mm cameras are available: Aaton XTR, Eclair ACL II, Eclair NPR, and Bolex.

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Super 8 Cameras

Top of the line to simple user-friendly cameras!

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Lighting Gear

Affordable lighting options include  Arri and Omni Light Kits, C-Stands, and an 8'x8' Butterfly Overhead with Silk

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Sound Gear

We offer three sound packages that include a Marantz PMD661 Handheld Solid State Recorder,  Nagra IV.2 and DAT recorder, as well as additional equipment: Audio Technica Short Shotgun Mic, Sennheiser Lav Mic and a Shure FP33 Field Mixer.

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Production Facilities

Film to Video Transfer, a 16mm Steenbeck/Optical Printer Suite, a Non-Linear Editing Suite and an Animation Suite are all available at filmmaker-friendly prices.

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Projectors and Screens

Video Projectors, Super-8 Projectors, 16mm Projectors and screens are all available by the day or weekend.

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16mm Film Library

Rent films from our vast library of 16mm educational and historical original prints!

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