Northwest Film Forum started as a filmmakers collective, a place where people could share knowledge, gear, and their work. Today we continue this work with classes and workshops taught by working artists and industry professionals. 

Whether you are new to the art and plan to plunge into filmmaking as a career or you have purchased your own equipment and wish to drop in on workshops to learn more, our classes are for you. NWFF's curriculum offers a complete education in nearly all aspects of filmmaking. Multi-session classes meet weekly and offer in-depth, hands-on experience with filmmaking tools, while one-day workshops offer both insightful lectures and practical techniques on current filmmaking topics.

Our schedule is updated regularly. Please check back for new classes, or email [email protected] to ask about our annual class offerings. 


Spring Quarter Workshops


iPhone & iPad Filmmaking with FiLMiC Pro

April 18th & 20th (Tueday & Thursday) 6:30-9:30pm

Instructor: Jonah Kozlowski
Tuition: $90 ($70 for Film Forum members)

Find out about an array of apps and accessories to turn your apple device into a powerful filmmaking tool. In the first session students will learn how to shoot high quality footage with FiLMiC Pro, what lens and stabilization options are available, and workflows for editing in device or on a computer. In the second session, we will learn about audio recording solutions and practice editing a small project in iMovie. Educators and professionals looking to bring their costs down and video quality up can benefit from hands on practice and case studies. iPads with software are provided, but students are encourged to bring their own devices as well.

Sold out!


Filmmaking Fundamentals: Documentary

May 9th - June 27th (Tuesdays) 6:30-9:30pm

Instructors: Jonah Kozlowski, Catherine Schultz, Filiz Efe McKinney, Elliat Graney-Saucke

Tuition: $595 ($550 for Film Forum members)

Limited to 8 students

For 8 weeks, learn the fundamentals for digital filmmaking, with a focus on documentary film. During class, students will have hands-on training as they are introduced to camera, audio, light and editing equipment. Students will acquire the actionable skills and understanding to independently make professional documentary films. In class practice will include interviewing, b-roll gathering technique, and editing. All basic film equipment will be provided in class. Students can also bring their own equipment to class if they want too.

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Script to Production

March 8th - April 12th (March 8th is the start meeting with a mentor, following meetings can be determined by the team.) 
*Applications for this Winter Quarter session are closed.


Spring Quarter Session:
April 26th - May 31st (April 26th is the start meeting with a mentor, following meetings can be determined by the team.) 
*Applications now Open!

Please read about the class organization and application process below. Payment can be made after you are accepted to the production.

Tuition: $80 ($60 for Film Forum Members) Volunteers are encouraged to apply.

This is not an intro class.  This class is for filmmakers who have already had a little experience with audio, camera, lighting, and/or editing.  With the class’ film crew, students will develop and finish a short film during the class.  Students will apply for and fill specific crew responsibilities for this project.  Selected students will hone their skills of pre-production, actual film production and post production. Over the span of 6 weeks, under the guidance of an instructor, this class will follow the process of completing a narrative short. Film Fundamentals 1 is not required for this class. But, a basic understanding of filmmaking is recommended.

The first step will be accepting a director and producer. The following step would be that the selected director and team would select the script for this round. Submitted short scripts should not be longer than 5 pages. After the script, the director and producer select the crew from the pool of applicants. Listed below are the roles that students can apply for to join this class. If applying for different roles, students can attend this class for multiple sessions.

  • Writer (may apply for another role but not director)
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Assistant director
  • Editor
  • Camera
  • Audio
  • Gaffer/Grip


Application sequence for class

Director, Producer,                         

                      Selected applicants are presented submitted scripts.           

                      Selected by Producer and Director.

Editor, Camera, Audio, AD, Grip/Gaffer

                      Selected by Director and Producer

Apply here for a crew position. Producer and Director will be notified by April 12th. Following crew members will be offered positions by April 19th. Writers, please submit scripts to [email protected]



Filmmaking Fundamentals: Narrative

May 1st-June 26th (Mondays - skipping May 29th) 6:30-9:30pm
Instructor: Craig Downing, Bernard Mann
Tuition: $595 ($550 for Film Forum members)

Limited to 8 students

For 8 weeks, learn the fundamentals for digital filmmaking. During class, students will have hands-on training as they are introduced to camera, audio, light and editing equipment. Students will acquire the actionable skills and understanding to independently make professional films. This class is filmmaking by practical application. All basic film equipment will be provided in class. Students can also bring their own equipment to class if they want too.

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Queering Film

April 25th (Tuesday) 6:30-9:30pm

Instructor:  Elliat Graney-Saucke
Tuition: $25 ($20 for Film Forum members)


What is queer film? What does it mean to ‘queer’ content, aesthetic, characters, form, or curation? Through presentation and discussion, we will explore what ‘queer’ means in the application of film. We will draw from both historical and contemporary perspectives, taking into account elements of festivals, distribution, curation, community and generational definitions. Students are encouraged to come prepared to discuss current or theoretical projects through a queer lens. 

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Producing Fundamentals for Indie Filmmakers

May 2nd & 4th (Tuesday & Thursday) 6:30-9:30pm
Instructor: Lindy Boustedt
Tuition: $120 ($95 for Film Forum members)

Participants will gain an understanding of the creative producer’s
process, timelines and the many idiosyncrasies around an independent film’s life cycle from development through initial deliverables. Lindy Boustedt will share how, through her award-winning company First Sight Productions, she has produced 18 short films and 3 feature films with budgets of all shapes and sizes. She will use her most recent short film and feature film as case studies. Participants are encouraged to bring their own projects to the class for specific advice. This two day workshop will cover budgeting/financing/audience on day one and pre- through post-production on day two. 



Cine Lenses for DSLR Cinematography

May 10th (Wednesday) 6:30-9:30pm

Instructor: Craig Downing
Tuition: $45 ($35 for Film Forum members)
This workshop will introduce you to the Rokinon Lens kit and train you on how to choose and use cine lenses with a follow focus system effectively. The Rokinon Cine Lens line are professional, affordable lenses with industry standard declicked gearing for focus and aperture rings that allow for smooth adjustment. Basic knowledge of DSLR functionality and cinematography is expected. This workshop is recommended as a follow up for our DSLR Videography workshop, but can also be taken alone by students who are already proficient in shooting video on DSLRs.

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The Body's Night: The Works of Philippe Grandrieux

May 15th (Monday) 6:30-9:30pm

Instructor: Aniello De Angelis
Tuition: $25 ($20 for Film Forum members)
Perhaps the most exciting filmmaker in today's cinematic landscape, Grandrieux remains relatively unknown outside art-house circles. With only four features and a documentary over nineteen years, Grandrieux has consistently redefined visual storytelling. Like a Francis Bacon painting come to life, Grandrieux's obsession with epileptic cinema and what can be described as "The Body's Night" has led to the crafting of a unique cinematic voice. With minimal dialogue and/or back story, his stories are often cryptic -- so what does it take to unpack them? What is the relationship between language and the human body? Why is it that women so often dance in his films? What is his relationship to Jean Rouch and the ethnographic film? These questions and much more will be answered as we venture through the dilapidated Eastern European cities and chilling remote mountain landscapes of Grandrieux's revolutionary filmography.

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Closed Captioning & Subtitles - for web series, shorts, & features

May 16th (Tuesday) 7:00-9:00pm

Instructor: Matt Longmire
Tuition: $20 ($15 for Film Forum members)
Join us for this popular workshop that will explain the importance of Captioning & subtitles for both accessibility to the deaf community and just as important, as a way to make content more marketable in non-English speaking communities. It will cover the “what is,” “how to,” and “why” of the process. Learn the difference between closed captions and subtitles, best practices in design, how to represent in frame and out of frame action, file types and software options, how to do it yourself and when and how to hire out. Sign up, and start incorporating this vital component into your productions!

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Hybrid Media: understanding genre as a framework for creative process

May 18th to June 8th (Thursdays) 6:30-9:30pm

Instructor: Stephen Anunson

Tuition: $240 ($180 for Film Forum members)
Limited to 8 students 

Using methods of fiction and non-fiction frameworks, students will develop a hybrid narrative/non-fiction piece and practice applying lessons learned from each genre onto each other in order to create stronger work.  Students will also discuss ways to create media that blurs the lines of fiction and non-fiction and develop strategies that utilize genre as a creative tool. Class will include viewings, discussions, collaboration and experiential learning. Narrative and Non-fiction filmmakers are encouraged to attend.

 *Note: This class is intended for experienced filmmakers interested in learning about expanding creative approaches to their craft. Students may bring their own gear to use during experiential learning exercises. Northwest Film Forum will also provide equipment as needed. Tuition includes 4 hours of NWFF edit lab time ($20-32 value) which students can use during or after the class dates.

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More information about Hybrid Media:

Hybrid Reality: When Documentary and Fiction Breed to Create a Better Truth

Art of the Real: Hybrid Cinema Timeline


Short Form Story Editing

May 4th to May 25th (Thursdays) 6:30-9:30pm

Instructor: Bernard Mann 

Tuition: $275 ($250 for Film Forum members)
Limited to 8 students

It's Monday and you need to have your project edited by Friday. In this class you'll learn how to pick the best parts of your footage, organize it, trim it, polish it, sweeten your audio and get your project out on budget and on time. Use Final Cut Pro X, the best software for the job. Learn how to edit by cutting a sample project. Final cuts will be reviewed at the end of class so that you can see how your work screens.

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Recording Audio For Film

March 20th & 22nd (Monday & Wednesday) 6:30-9:30pm
Instructor: Craig Downing
Tuition: $90 ($75 for Film Forum members)

This two-day workshop will cover the essentials of audio, microphones, recorder technology and recording techniques to enable your production, no matter the budget, to sound professional. The first evening will be an in-depth presentation of the concepts. The second class will include three hours of hands-on learning with a field test and an evaluation. Students will leave knowing how to listen to, evaluate and capture better audio for film production.

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Intro to Time-lapse

May 17th-June 7th (Wednesdays) 6:30-9:30pm

Instructor: Filiz Efe McKinney
Tuition: $225 ($195 NW Film Forum Members)

This hands-on workshop will teach you the essentials of time-lapse photography by creating one from scratch. The course will be split into 4 sessions. In session 1, you will learn the fundamentals for setting up your shot, including framing your scene and choosing proper settings. During session 2, you’ll put the theory into action by going outside and capturing footage on the street, and you’ll learn how to assemble your photos into a time-lapse video following a simplified workflow using Lightroom and After Effects. For session 3, you'll travel to a nearby vista and shoot a sunset timelapse. For session 4, in addition to a finished time-lapse of your own from the previous week, you will walk away from this workshop with a simple, yet powerful workflow to create stunning videos with time-lapse photography. 

Gear: Northwest Film Forum will provide 2 complete timelapse kits to share during the class, but students are encouraged to bring their own gear if they'd like. Extra lenses and tripods will be available to students who have their own cameras. 

Required Gear for Timelapse:
• DLSR (or Mirrorless) camera which allows for manual settings of Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO, with fully charged batteries
• Intervalometer, if your camera does not include this functionality natively. Prices range from $50 to $150. Glazer's Camera is great place shop and get advice.
• A steady tripod
• A memory card with a minimum of 32GB free space
• Weather gear (plastic sheets, umbrella…) - in case there’s light rain on the 2nd and 3rd nights.

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Arri and LED Lighting Kits

February 23rd (Thursday) 6:30-9:30pm
Instructor: Jonah Kozlowski
Tuition: $45 ($35 NW Film Forum Members)

This workshop covers the fundamentals of lighting with our Arri and LED lighting kits. The Arri light kit is an industry standard kit used on many professional shoots. LED lights are versitile and efficient. Students will learn the basics of setting up these lights along with common terminology and options for shaping light. After attending this workshop, students will be familiar with and ready to work with the Film Forum's lighting equipment.

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Past - Regular Workshops


Intro to Final Cut Pro X

April 10th to May 1st (Mondays) 6:30-9:30pm
Instructor: Bernard Mann 

Tuition: $275 ($250 for Film Forum members)
Limited to 6 students

The re-designed Final Cut Pro X has become popular among editors for its speed and intuitive interface. Learn how to use this affordable and powerful software over this four-week class with certified instructor and local editor Bernard Mann. This class will be using the latest version of the software, which provides new color correction abilities, 360 video integration, faster 4K and graphic rendering and time-saving file management tools. Check out all the new features here! This is an introductory class to the software, non-linear editing and editing technique. It is great for those new to editing, and for anyone looking to pick up this high-speed software quickly and thoroughly.


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Introduction to PA Work and Set Etiquette

March 23rd (Thursday) 6:30-9:30pm
Instructor: Mischa Jakupcak
Tuition: $35 ($25 NW Film Forum Members)

In this one-night workshop, students will learn how to be an effective production assistant. Learn about the different responsibilities of set, production and office PAs, and vital etiquette for working on film sets. After completing this workshop, students can sign up to be on Northwest Film Forum's PA call list for local productions and companies. 

Mischa Jakupcak is an an award-winning producer, writer and director from Seattle. Mischa has worked on over thirty features in the Northwest, ranging from indies to multimillion dollar features. She produced the critically acclaimed ‘The Off Hours’, written and directed by Megan Griffiths. 

She is currently Joint CEO of Mechanical Dreams, which has produced innovative VR pieces, including Nahaan in Ch’aak S’aagi aka Eagle Bone directed by Tracy Rector. As well as writing and developing her own material, she champions strong, original voices in film and VR. 

Location - We're excited to announce that space for this workshop is being provided by local branded content studio, Workhouse Creative, who have an amazing team of talented local directors and creators. Check them out!

105 14th Ave, Suite 100
Seattle WA 98122 

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Beginning Adobe Premiere Pro CC

January 25th-Feb 15th (Wednesdays) 6:30-9:30pm

Instructor: Daniel Truog
Tuition: $275 ($250 for Film Forum members)
Limited to 6 students

This workshop will cover the essentials for learning to edit with Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud, a leading platform used by many professional filmmakers for editing digital media. The class will provide the training so students will have the skills to confidently, efficiently and effectively edit films with the most up to date version of this software. We will focus on the basics about the interface, the timeline, and the workflow. 

Sold Out!


Intro to Cinematic VR with the Ricoh Theta S

Coming Soon
Instructor: Jonah Kozlowski
Tuition: $75 ($60 for Film Forum members)

The Ricoh Theta S is a consumer-level camera capable of producing high resolution stills (and grainy 8mm-like video).  We’ll cover 360 photography and time-based editing of that photography in Adobe Creative Cloud to produce a short VR experience. Experience in Premiere and/or After Effects recommended.


Shooting with Anamorphic Lenses

February 7th & 9th (Tuesday & Thursday) 6:30-9:30pm
Instructor: Jody Cole
Tuition: $40 ($30 for Film Forum members)

Even with DSLR cameras, you can be shooting with anamorphic lenses for your next project. From Wes Anderson to Tarantino, learn how easy it can be to shoot with this iconic format. In this class, we'll explore the history and characteristics as we jump in and try some lenses out in the classroom. Shooting anamorphic is traditionally expensive but we'll explore all your options, ranging from pro rentals all the way to faking it for under $20. Bring a camera and a lens you are familiar with to see the effects for your preferred system during the hands-on section. On completion, you'll be certified to rent the Film Forum's official Anamorphic Kit and take your dreams to the Widescreen




Pre-production for Docs

April 11th (Tuesday) 6:30-9:30pm
Instructor:  Elliat Graney-Saucke
Tuition: $60 ($50 for Film Forum members)

This 3 hour crash course into documentary pre production covers the resources you need to help you out: from hashing out your story to budgeting templates, research processes to legal paperwork. Learn how to plan a successful production from feature filmmaker and Seattle Documentary Association President, Elliat Graney-Saucke. This class will offer tools for any production and provide time to dive into questions specific to your film in the works.

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DSLR Videography

April 12th (Wednesday) 6:30-9:30pm

Instructor: Craig Downing
Tuition: $35 ($25 for Film Forum Members)

Come explore and learn the basic skills of DSLR video filmmaking. Using our Canon 60D, this class covers standard camera functions and the artistic possibilities of DSLR cameras. Students will learn how to manually control the necessary exposure functions to create professional video content. 

While we use Canon cameras in class, the concepts will apply to most any camera. Feel free to bring your own DSLR if you'd like.

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