Green Screen

Green Screen

2012-2013 PROGRAM

Northwest Film Forum supports a sustainable Seattle! We encourage all movie-goers to carpool, take the bus, walk, bike, PoGo stick, or find their own eco-friendly way of getting to our cinemas. We present several events each quarter with localism and sustainability in mind.


Eco Warriors

Seattle premiere!

Producer Jennifer Pickford in attendance!

Mar 12, 2013

(The Red Octopus Collective, Canada, 2012, Blu-ray, 52 min)

When did activism become terrorism? And why are America's heroes being jailed, while its corporations continue to be rewarded? These questions are front and center in the timely, heartfelt and engaging documentary Eco Warriors. The film follows the story of Portland activist Tre Arrow, who was on the FBI's Most Wanted List for his radical environmental actions and forced to seek asylum in Canada rather than face life in jail.



Within Reach

Director in attendance!

Sponsored by Central Co-op

Jun 03, 2013

(Mandy Creighton, USA, 2012, Blu-ray, 90 min)

Within Reach documents one couple’s pedal-powered journey across the United States in search of a new home in a sustainable community. Mandy and Ryan have given up their corporate jobs and their traditional houses to "bike-pack" thousands of miles around the USA, looking around the world as they look within themselves.



Gringo Trails

Seattle premiere!
Co-presented with the Seattle Documentary Association, with post-screening discussion!

May 03

(Pegi Vail, United States, 2014, 79 min)

Gringo Trails is a documentary focused on tourism and its effects on locales. Raising important questions about what's left in the wake of tourist culture, the film focuses on decades of human impact on beaches, forests and deserts across the world.



Now, Forager

Seattle premiere!

Director in attendance opening night!

Special performance by composer Chris Brokaw on opening night!

Nov 30 - Dec 06, 2012

(Jason Cortlund and Julia Halperin, USA, 2012, HD, 93 min)

At first glance, Regina and Lucien’s lifestyle seems saturated with romance: husband and wife make a living foraging for mushrooms in the woods of New York, then go door to door selling their wares to restaurants in Manhattan. But as Now, Forager intrudes further upon their life together, it reveals a wife desperate for stability and a husband threatened by his wife’s “disloyalty.” Now, Forager expertly weaves tension into the story of a marriage, punctuated by gorgeous glimpses of the food around which that marriage revolves, while challenging our ideals of romance both within relationships and without. Special Film Forum member ticket price for Slow Food USA members.





Seattle Premiere!

Oct 19 - Nov 01, 2012

(Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady, USA, 2012, Blu-ray, 90 min)

The latest vitally-important film to explore the disintegration of modern urban life, Detropia looks at crumbling buildings, foreclosed homes, and loss of same in Detroit. The city’s deterioration is seen from buses and subways to cultural institutions like opera, as directors Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady look for answers and infuse their film with a good dose of humor and even some hope. 



People Of A Feather

Local Sightings Film Festival

Sep 30, 2012

(Joel Heath, Blu-ray, 90 min, Vancouver, BC)

Featuring groundbreaking footage from seven winters in the Arctic, People of a Feather moves through time into the world of the Inuit on the Belcher Islands in Hudson Bay. Connecting past, present, and future is the people’s unique cultural relationship with the eider duck. Eider down, the warmest feather in the world, allows both Inuit and bird to survive harsh Arctic winters. Both people and eiders face challenges posed by changing sea ice and ocean currents which have been disrupted by massive hydroelectric dams. Joel Heath’s debut feature employs stunning time-lapse photography and underwater footage to create an authentic and insightful portrayal of a community challenged by a changing environment.



The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller

Co-presented by Seattle Theatre Group and Northwest Film Forum!
Live performance by Yo La Tengo!

At the Moore Theatre

Sep 11, 2012

Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Sam Green (The Weather Underground) brings his "live documentary," The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller, to Seattle's Moore Theatre. It features a new score composed and performed live by the legendary indie band Yo La Tengo. This unique show features a combination of film clips, live narration and live music in a quicksilver portrait of a modern genius. 

Twentieth-century futurist, architect, engineer, inventor, and author R. Buckminster Fuller (1895–1983) was an early proponent of environmental stewardship, who spoke persuasively about contemporary design and architecture's ability to tackle issues of sustainability and conservation, and to stimulate radical societal change. Despite his sometimes off-the-wall projects, Fuller's long-lasting influence grew because of his interest in other people; Love Song places his utopian ideals front and center and explores the boundary where our individual lives come up against something larger and more equitable.



Charismatic Megafauna

Director In Attendance!
Live score by Lori Goldston, Dylan Carlson, Jessika Kenney and Greg Campbell!

Jun 13, 2012

(Vanessa Renwick, 2011, USA, Blu-ray, 48 min)

Vanessa Renwick’s unconventional documentaries explore habitat and landscape, urban and the wild. Charismatic Megafauna utilizes 16mm Renwick filmed in her youth on Chicago’s streets, where she lived and traveled with a wolf-dog hybrid, as well as footage shot in the nineties, documenting the process of reintroducing wolves to the American West. Images of Renwick’s dog and of biologists interacting with wolves raise questions of our responsibilities toward and expectations of the natural world.