The Automatic Hate

Feb 05 - Feb 07, 2016

(Justin Lerner, United States, 2015, DCP, 97 min)

Q&A with producer Lacey Leavitt, moderated by Megan Griffiths

When young chef Davis Green receives a visit from a beautiful cousin he never knew he had, their meeting opens the door on a mysterious family drama that drove two brothers to disown each other three decades earlier. Spurred by his cousin’s claims, Davis attempts the excavation of their family’s long kept secrets, only to face new questions about his own conflicting desires. Director Justin Lerner’s second film examines the psychology of relationships familial and romantic, and what happens when the line between the two is obscured.

Saturday at 6:30, come early for a talk with producer Lacey Leavitt, joined by Megan Griffiths and Mischa Jakupcak


Making any independent film is a challenge, but let's face it, some movies are harder to make and distribute than others. Lacey Leavitt (THE AUTOMATIC HATE, THE CATECHISM CATACLYSM), Megan Griffiths (EDEN, NIGHT STALKER), and Mischa Jakupcak (THE IMMORTAL AUGUSTUS GLADSTONE, THE OFF HOURS) will share some of the lessons they've learned from their years of producing and directing indie films, including when and why these projects are worth the time and effort, and steps you can take to give your challenging films the best possible chance for finding their audiences. 


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